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    6 PACK - Stamford Dragons Blood Incense Sticks

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    Box contains 6 hexagonal incense tubes. To turn into display box, take out incense boxes, and fold top flap inside the back to form back display and then replace incense boxes. Then gently tear off the curve at the front of the box.

    Number of sticks: 6 hexagonal boxes each containing approximately 20 sticks
    Dimensions: Sticks approximately 23 cm. Each box is about 25 cm.
    Burn time: About 30 minutes per stick
    Country of origin: India

    For best results place in an incense burner and then light the tip of incense stick and then blow out the flame.

    Manufacturer says: Stamford Hex Dragons Blood Incense Sticks instantly fill your home with a heady and uplifting aroma. This age old scent is ideal for setting a romantic mood and is also believed to have strong medicinal qualities.