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The Fairy Tarot - Cards (Antonio Lupatelli)

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Pack information: 78 cards with booklet
Card dimensions: 70 x 120 mm
Author: Antonio Lupatelli

They say: Fairies are teasing, magical creatures who live in the woods. Gifted with wings and with an incredible agility, these tiny little spirits endow the forest with life, thanks to their jokes and to their innate euphoria. In fact, unlike their cousins, the Gnomes, Fairies like neither work nor seriousness. Their principal characteristics is curiosity and cheerfulness and their greatest amusement is flying about the open, joking about with animals and with their calmer cousins. Rarely the victims of the Fairies succeed to catch and to punish those little tricksters, since they are particularly clever.

These 78 cards described, through beautiful images, many aspects of the life of the Gnomes, lavishing advices and suggesting right and appropriate way of acting. The Magician's proposal was to create a similar system for the Fairies: their natural curiosity and their love for beautiful things would have helped the people to memorize the images and also to reflect on their meaning, thus instilling some rules in their mind. The sovereigns approved with enthusiasm and the Magician started immediately to work, calling the best artists of he Enchanted realm. The work needed many years, but in the end the outcome was better than the expectations: besides depicting all the most important figures of the Fairy tradition, the Magician succeeded in giving the cards the power to join and to form magical combinations, giving advice and warnings for any occasion.

Note from Holisticshop: There are four suits being hearts, leaves, bells and acorns. In a more traditional set they are equivalent to:

Hearts = Cups
Leaves = Swords
Bells = Pentacles
Acorns = Wands