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Pisces Zodiac Card (Message) by Josephine Wall

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Card dimensions: Pisces Greeting Card by Josephine Wall - 184x138mm (7"x5.5") approx.
Information: Comes with a full colour envelope. Each card also has artwork inside.

Prose (inside left of card) reads (by Josephine Wall):

February 19 - March 20
In the twelfth and final house,
all qualities combine
to create the Two Fishes,
Pisces' celestial sign.
Unimpressed by rank and riches,
Pisces yearns for life to bring
a sense of spiritual unity
with every living thing.
For Pisces dreams the future
and can feel how life could be
if everyone said,
"I will honor in you
the light that dwells in me."

Prose (inside right of card) reads (by Josephine Wall):

You are a very special part
of my universe.