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Sagittarius Zodiac Card (Message) by Josephine Wall

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Card dimensions: Sagittarius Greeting Card by Josephine Wall - 184x138mm (7"x5.5") approx.
Information: Comes with full colour envelope. Each card also has artwork inside.

Prose (inside left of card) reads (by Josephine Wall):

November 23 - December 21
Independent and restless,
this sign needs to be
in search of adventure,
to explore and run free.
Fun-loving and open,
they take chances with daring,
but always make time
for laughing and sharing.
Even though it may seem
they just can't be tied down,
Sagittarians love
having dear ones around.

Prose (inside right of card) reads (by Josephine Wall):

You are a very special part
of my universe.