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    Tarot (Hay House Basics) by Kim Arnold

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    Tarot (Book) by Kim Arnold

    Information: 237 Pages, Paperback

    Blurb on the Back Says:
    An introductory guide to the fascinating world of Tarot, offering detailed guidance on how to interpret the cards and conduct readings of your own.

    Learn how to:
    - Choose the right deck for you
    - Interpret each of the 22 Major Arcana cards
    - Work out your Tarot birth and year cards
    - Understand the four suits of the Minor Arcana, and interpret its 56 cards
    - Work with different card spreads, including the Celtic Cross
    - Link the meaning of cards together and make intuitive interpretations during a reading

    ...And much more!

    Hay House Basics is a new series that features world class experts sharing their knowledge on the topics that matter the most for improving your life.