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Large 4 lb box of White Sage Clusters (1800 g)

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Large 4 lb Box of White Sage Clusters (1800g)

A standard box filled with white sage clusters, mixed with some loose leaves (the loose leaves are more in the minority).

If you purchase more than one 4 lb box, please let us know in your extra instructions at the checkout if you are happy to have these shipped together in one large box.

This big box can be used to sell as one, or can be split to sell in smaller bags.

The sage is fresh, good quality and environmentally collected. This is a 4 lb box (1800 g) which is four times the size of our 1 lb (450 g) box. The price per lb is less on the 4 lb box.

Size of Box: About 43 x 33 x 28 cm approximately

Origin: California, USA